cream of winter squash soup

One of my net.friends shared this delicious squash recipe. It was good timing too because I’d had an acorn squash sitting on my counter for an embarrassingly long time because I was afraid to try it…lol. The soup turned out great. I just added a bit of garlic salt to even out the taste, but I add garlic salt to most everything so that could just be me.

cream of winter vegetable soup

cream of winter vegetable soup

2 c. chopped, peeled potatoes
1 1/2 c. chopped, peeled winter squash (use your favorite, butternut, acorn, banana or buttercup)
1/2 c. chopped celery
1 sm. onion, chopped
1 clove garlic, minced
2 tbsp. parsley
1 tsp. dry mustard
1 tsp. finely shredded lemon peel
1/2 tsp. pepper
1 (10 3/4 oz.) can broth
1 1/4 c. light cream or milk

In a large saucepan, combine the potatoes, squash, celery, onion, garlic, parsley, dry mustard, lemon peel and pepper. Stir in chicken broth. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover and simmer 20 minutes until veggies are tender. Transfer mixture to food processor or blender and process until smooth. Return pureed mixture to saucepan, stir in cream. Heat through. May serve with seasoned croutons. May prepare the night before and save last step for day of consumption

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3 responses to this post.

  1. That… looks amazingly good.

    Even more amazing – I do believe I have everything needed downstairs in the fridge or pantry. Or will in the morning when the chicken broth is done.

    Thanks so much, looks like I know what I’m making for dinner tomorrow!


  2. I’ll have to try this. I, too, have had acorn squash for waaay too long. I didn’t realize that turning orange was an indication that I really should have used them already….


  3. Awwww this looks really appetising!


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