Around the Urban Homestead

We had a wonderful preview of spring this week.  The snow melted and it got into the 50’s.  I’ve took advantage of the beautiful weather and got outside each night.  I washed the car, moved the rabbit hutches outdoors, and took the cats out for their first romp of the year.

peaches at my feet

As you can see I used the above freezing weather was an excuse to break out the sandals too :)  Sadly it didn’t last, and we were covered with a fresh layer of snow yesterday.

Out in the surviving cold frame, last years green onions surprised me by starting to grow again. I really hadn’t thought they’d make it through the winter. Flower bulbs in areas I haven’t turned into veggie beds yet are starting to poke up. Indoors the first of the broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, eggplant, and oregano I started on last Sunday are beginning to show themselves.  Tomato and basil went in the pots this weekend.  Just watermelon, cucumber, and cantaloupe left…everything else I’ll direct sow on Mother’s Day, which is getting closer and closer!

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  1. Awesome just reading about what’s sprouting in your garden, indoors and out.


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