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This week I caught my French Angora doe gathering nestbuilding materials and she was confined to a bunny maternity ward. She had open access to the run, pretty much since I got her this spring, so she was not happy about the change.

This unhappy little lady was confounded to a maternity ward when I caught her trying to build a nest in the warren last night.  It makes hutch space tighter than I'd like so obroke down and picked up a pair of stackable cages that will be put up in the su

Her husband had to find a new home as they are not good with kids. So I finally picked up and built the indoor rabbit cages I’ve been planning. I’ll need them soon to grow out meat litters as well.

There's a 24 hour flu going around the office and I ended up coming home sick today but managed to get one thing done.  The cages are together and I put up cheapo stick-on blinds to help control the temp in here for him.

And sure enough, Fluffy McPuffersons and Mittens (both blue French Angoras), had a single kit in the wee hours this morning. So far it looks healthy and happy. Mama is still as friendly as can be and didn’t mind me greeting the new arrival or petting her. Now to see how well she does raising the little guy.

Fluffy my French Angora doe had what's quite possibly a baby hippo last night :D

So there it is…the first baby born on my little urban homestead :)

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3 responses to this post.

  1. Baby bunny sure does not look like mama bunny yet! LOL Nancy


  2. Posted by Peter G on October 9, 2013 at 10:26 am

    Are you raising angoras for wool or for meat?


    • The parents are for wool and fertilizer. The babies will be homed as pets. But I do know someone who raises angoras for meat and sheers them before harvest…seems like a good multipurpose animal.


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